Understand Values gaps

Across the world people struggle with values gaps​

We all talk a good game about values. Whether it’s brand values, corporate values, cultural values or our own personal values. Values dominate our conversations and define our arguments. ​

With good reason. We know that when we live according to our values, we are our true to ourselves and happier. Science may give us the data on this, but common sense confirms it.​

Still, we cannot always live, shop, vote, according to our values. With limited time, energy and opportunity, life gets in the way.

Across the world people struggle with a ‘values-behavior gap’

Only 46%

of us can live according to our values. The gap is biggest in Japan (77%), smallest in Mexico (27%).

Only  50%

1 in 2 – Gen Z is able to live according their values.

Governments and citizens are out of step

Only 25%

 believe their values are aligned with those of their government.

Only 14%

of US citizens believes their personal values align with their governments policies and programmes.

People want business to share their values and act on them now

88% agree

that businesses must show them they respect their data privacy and online safety.

81% agree

that businesses must act now to combat climate change.

82% agree

that businesses should help build a more diverse, inclusive, and equal society.

81% agree

that businesses should support customers through the ‘cost-of-living’ crisis.

What this means for communicators

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