What are your values?

Do you value security, power or hedonism above all else? Answer these questions to find out.

Here we briefly describe some people. Please read each description and think about how much each person is or is not like you.

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Question 1(Required)
They believe they should always show respect to their parents and to older people. It is important to them to be obedient.
Question 2(Required)
Religious belief is important to them. They try hard to do what their religion requires.
Question 3(Required)
It’s very important to them to help the people around them. They want to care for their well-being.
Question 4(Required)
They think it is important that every person in the world be treated equally. They believe everyone should have equal opportunities in life.
Question 5(Required)
They think it’s important to be interested in things. They like to be curious and to try to understand all sorts of things.
Question 6(Required)
They likes to take risks. They are always looking for adventures.
Question 7(Required)
They seek every chance they can to have fun. It is important to them to do things that give them pleasure.
Question 8(Required)
Being very successful is important to them. They like to impress other people.
Question 9(Required)
It is important to them to be in charge and tell others what to do. They want people to do what they say.
Question 10(Required)
It is important to them that things be organized and clean. They really do not like things to be a mess.
Question 11(Required)
They strongly believe that people should care for nature. Looking after the environment is important to them.

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