Values-based engagement

Moving People through human values: a new imperative for communicators

We all talk about values. Values permeate culture. Businesses, brands, and organizations state their values. Yet we often underestimate their impact.

Communicators need a deeper understanding of their audiences if they are to engage them properly. Our model aligns audiences’ values with the values expressed in brand communications and what is happening in the world at any given moment.​

This innovative approach is the result of collaboration between our own behavioral and data scientists, strategists, and sector specialists with world-renowned academics.

Why values matter

In a volatile and fast-moving world, values are a persistent truth. More constant than attitudes and opinions, knowledge, or emotion.

They are foundational, shaping how we engage with the world around us and how we respond to the people who communicate with us.  How we think, how we feel, how we behave.

BCW Age of Values 2023 Report

We have mapped the global population through the values that move them.

Our report reveals the human values, expectations, and behaviors across 30 markets, 36,000+ respondents, and more than 30m+ data points